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“Printing is a commodity
… you don’t need IT to look after it.”

Michelle Beveridge, IDP
CIO Magazine, Australia

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Print. Copy. Scan.

New & Factory Refurbished Equipment

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Looking for a strategy to replace aging copiers and printers in the new world of cloud and mobile access? The right equipment, integrated with workflow processes, will help to make document management seamless and hassle free.

Take advantage of the opportunity. Here are some best practices:

Do nothing.

Most organizations already have enough printers. Understand what equipment you already have, what it costs and how it is used.

Refresh with Multi-Functional Peripherals (MFPs).

Copying and faxing are obsolete. Turn your devices into a flexible portal for digital document management, cloud storage and mobile access.

Standardize on a few models. Consolidate.

It is easier and less expensive to manage.

Managed Print Services.
You can leverage your existing investment in technology and dramatically reduce costs without buying new machines.

Refurbished equipment.
The printed page is a commodity now. Most major manufacturers make reliable equipment. If you are enrolled in a managed print service program we will be responsible for maintaining the equipment. Does it really matter if the device is new or rebuilt?

Embrace color.
Color printing is growing at a rate of 30% per year. Focus on controlling usage and “charge back” billing systems.

Avoid service and supply contracts at point of purchase.
Savvy buyers are leasing equipment without service and supply contracts, then using new types of compatible toner to reduce operating costs.

Consider the environmental impact.
If you are serious about making sustainable business decisions, consider the impact of your action on our environment.  What happens to the old machine when you replace it?  How sustainable is the replacement device? Do you even need another printer at all? Could you automate the document workflow and avoid printing in the first place?

When it is time to replace aging equipment – we are happy to deliver  replacement printers and MFPs.   But we are not focused on selling you new devices. We are creative at developing the best solution for your workflow needs – and we are not limited by outdated “equipment sales” business models.


HP LaserJet 600 m605

The New Monochrome Workhorse

Fast. High Quality. Reliable.
Wireless Direct Printing
Easy to Manage. Easy to Expand.

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Refurbished HP P3015

Half the cost of retail new

HP factory rebuilt
100% guaranteed